Learn Norwegian ™ App Reviews

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Amazing app

Great app to learn basic Norwegian!


Great to practice vocab in different learning skills


Very practical and easy!

The best

I like it


Very useful!

Fun and useful

I enjoy learning new words in Norwegian and this app helps me do it with ease! Simple to use and fun

Really like it!

Im just beginning but this app makes it really fun. Thanks!


I have just started using it. Not knowing much Norwegian I am learning a little with the So far it seems pretty ok for someone with no knowledge of the language

Good app

Its a good app to go over and learn. Its no rosetta Stone. But its free and it works.


Good way to learn Norwegian fast. Id highly recommend it.

Very nice

I like it very much. Its a very nice and helpful app to learn norsk. Mange takk

Great app

Tons of useful vocabulary! Would recommend. I especially love that it tells you how to pronounce every word!!!

Painless Norwegian

Makes learning the language fairly straightforward.

Love this app

Extremely helpful user friendly and interactive! I am telling all my friends!!!

Great Learning Tool

My three year old is loving this and so am I. We live where there arent many (any) Norsk-speakers, so this helps!

Norway Traveler

Very useful. Thanks


Not too bad


This app is so good for basic lessons


Really helpful

Nice app for learning terms

Great free app to learn terms

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